Heads up!
This will NOT be your typical Goat Year!

There is a confluence of cosmic forces coming that portend the Good Fortune of Positive Outcomes.

Traditionally, ‘Yu Wei’ or the 32nd year of the Green Wooden Goat (aka ‘Ram’ or ‘Sheep’) is symbolically represented as the ‘lazy-days of passing summer’ – a period of prosperity and well-being. Said of this year: “Its diligence applied to hard work ensures prosperity”.

But, the 2015 Goat Year will unfold to be much, much more than that…

For most, economic, social & political upheavals roiling these past years forced our arduous labor, struggling to cope with what seemed relentless conflict, without resolution. This Chaos will finally begin to show signs of long-awaited stabilization and positive resolution in this 2015 Goat Year. Watch for Innovation in Communication, Education, Political & Economic Stabilization.

We become better ‘Listeners’; better ‘Partners in Problem-Solving’.

The coming confluence of cosmic forces not only portend the good fortune of positive outcomes, but we’re told there have never been this many signs and favorable aspects confirming the coming of positive change. Astrologers, both Eastern & Western, predict the coming of, not simply a ‘gear-shifting’, but a full-blown change of direction. A newborn epoch is coming to replace the old, and the whole of humanity will see reason for hope that our world can change for the better.

So, watch as this Goat Year unfolds. Be ready to engage in one unforgettable year!