This Fire Monkey Year focuses more powerful karmic Yang energy on success for the Individual with personal initiative, not for the Group. This Year favors fortune for quick minds with brave hearts. Ingenuity, inventiveness and intrinsic insight will reap unexpected rewards for incisive risk-taking. The ingenuity energy of this Year rewards those who dare to be different. Original thinkers, with smart, unconventional solutions are destined to succeed in this Red Fire Monkey Year!

The Red Fire Monkey Year is chaotic, dynamic, challenging and intensely competitive! Its exuberant high-speed pace accelerates progress & change in all life areas- business, technology, relationships, family & even in glacial government bureaucracies.

Advances in technology and communications across all human endeavors explode in unexpected success. Changes will come fast and furious, leaving many unsettled and uneasy; challenging others to compete as never before.

This is a time to re-evaluate old thinking, both in business and relationships. This is the prime opportunity to re-organize and re-evaluate our approach to stubborn problems and run with new ideas. Embrace the chaos. Trust your instincts.

Global economic growth and life-altering technologies are indicated for this year. Innovation and invention are rewarded. Individual initiative to re-conceptualize, working with existing resources, empowers ingenious problem solving this year.

For those who truly fear change, this will be a year to keep your head low and refrain from risk taking. This is not your year.

For all, beware the Trickster in the Red Fire Monkey. He is clever and an ever- wily con artist in deal making. The Yin of the Fire Monkey is his ability to seem so very guileless and charming, we never suspect deception. Be on guard. Take nothing for granted. Get all the facts before signing on the dotted line.

The Red Fire Monkey Year will easily overthrow old conventions that no longer work. It is a year of re-balancing of power, rewarding individual initiative for long-sought solutions that will make our world a better place.