“Good Dog!” “Bad Dog?”

2017 richly rewarded risk-taking, while the Fire Rooster’s rude awakenings came home to roost amid the combustible chaos of the Chinese Phoenix Year.

This 2018 Dog Year demands vigilance and caution. So, take care.

This is a year of Accelerated Action. The Dog Year rewards fairness, fidelity and just outcomes. It will punish injustice and inequities. The Dog Year has a passion for fair play and honesty, trust and intelligence.

Dog Years tend to nourish accentuated conflict, large and small; potential turning points in history. Careful disciplined conduct is called for. Especially negative and consequential outcomes result from growling disruptions of emotion, ego or anger. It will offend the Dog Year’s simply simpatico sensibilities.

This year reinforces all we know about the Dog. Emblematic of faithful loyalty, protective of its own and its territory, when threatened the watchful Dog will turn, snarl and attack.

The Dog will tolerate ill treatment only so far. This is why Dog Years have been the catalyst for many a revolution, the timely reckonings of moral rectitude.

The Dog Year accelerates the initiation of all things, so we will experience more pressures and stresses as we make slow, steady progress.

We begin to see the fruits of success from the prior year’s careful, competent planning. Cash flow will increase. Be prudent with your profits, as the Dog Year does not reward waste or superfluous expenditures.

The natural prosperity of this Dog Year will see new business opportunities, with an emphasis on new technologies and re-inventing modes of production. Clever, pragmatic innovations bubble up where there is a scarcity of resources.

This Dog Year rewards organic instinct and reminds us to “work with what we have”.

This Year is a Mountain Dog Year. This aspect is significant. Expect obstacles that will require us to use our wits, instincts and careful good sense to climb over or around problems to ascend the Mountain. It’s said if you can reach the top of the Mountain of this Dog Year, you will be able to see clearly the path for the future in 2019.

Happy New Year, All!