The Pig Year wants us all to get along.  Kind of refreshing, yes?

Given the “risky business” of the 2017 Rooster preceding the dire reckonings and conflict of the 2018 Dog Year, “getting along” in this Pig Year will be a bit of a pendulum swing.

All manner of deficiencies born of the Rooster & Dog years will be brought back into balance.  So much so, we must not become too complacent. 

The Pig is a bit blasé’, allowing for a certain carelessness. Inattention, perhaps bordering on the reckless.  So, enjoy, but watch your money The Pig will calm things down, and for most this is a most welcome relief.

The Pig likes to relax, enjoy life.  The Pig will reward benevolent intent.  It will punish maliciousness, selfishness and misuse or abuse of power. 

The Pig allows us to be more forgiving, more generous to others, and to ourselves.  The Pig brings new alliances, for good or ill.  Grifters are exposed.  Committed and passionate minds will devote great energy to problem solving.  Their path in the Pig Year will less obstructed.

The Pig Year is a time of reflection and introspection, preparing us for a most consequential Year of the Rat in 2020.