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26 December 2017 Comments Off on 2018 Year of the Earth Mountain Dog

2018 Year of the Earth Mountain Dog

“Good Dog!” “Bad Dog?”

2017 richly rewarded risk-taking, while the Fire Rooster’s rude awakenings came home to roost amid the combustible chaos of the Chinese Phoenix Year.

This 2018 Dog Year demands vigilance and caution. So, take care.

This is a year of Accelerated Action. The Dog Year rewards fairness, fidelity and just outcomes. It will punish injustice and inequities. The Dog Year has a passion for fair play and honesty, trust and intelligence.

Dog Years tend to nourish accentuated conflict, large and small; potential turning points in history. Careful disciplined conduct is called for. Especially negative and consequential outcomes result from growling disruptions of emotion, ego or anger. It will offend the Dog Year’s simply simpatico sensibilities.

This year reinforces all we know about the Dog. Emblematic of faithful loyalty, protective of its own and its territory, when threatened the watchful Dog will turn, snarl and attack.

The Dog will tolerate ill treatment only so far. This is why Dog Years have been the catalyst for many a revolution, the timely reckonings of moral rectitude.

The Dog Year accelerates the initiation of all things, so we will experience more pressures and stresses as we make slow, steady progress.

We begin to see the fruits of success from the prior year’s careful, competent planning. Cash flow will increase. Be prudent with your profits, as the Dog Year does not reward waste or superfluous expenditures.

The natural prosperity of this Dog Year will see new business opportunities, with an emphasis on new technologies and re-inventing modes of production. Clever, pragmatic innovations bubble up where there is a scarcity of resources.

This Dog Year rewards organic instinct and reminds us to “work with what we have”.

This Year is a Mountain Dog Year. This aspect is significant. Expect obstacles that will require us to use our wits, instincts and careful good sense to climb over or around problems to ascend the Mountain. It’s said if you can reach the top of the Mountain of this Dog Year, you will be able to see clearly the path for the future in 2019.

Happy New Year, All!

10 January 2017 Comments Off on Visit HOUSTON’s 2017 Lunar New Year Houston

Visit HOUSTON’s 2017 Lunar New Year Houston

We kick off this Year of the Rooster with our Teo Chew Association Unicorn Dragon & Lion Dance Team  January 31 / 5:45 p.m. on the main stage at Clay & LaBranch St. near Discovery Green.

Sparkling Lions and dazzling Dragons, with giant drums and gongs, send Great Good Fortune blessings for the City’s panoramic offering of Houston’s celebrated arts diversity JAN 28 – FEB 5 for all to enjoy!

Super Bowl LIVE – Houston Super Bowl Host Committee

Lunar New Year Houston 2017 celebrates the Year of the Red Fire Rooster during Super Bowl Weekend February 4 & 5 with the City’s vibrant Asian communities in SW Houston at Viet Hoa Center.   A hundred Lion & Dragons!  One million Lucky Red Firecrackers!  It’s FREE!

22 August 2016 Comments Off on Glenda Joe – Extraordinary Texans – ’16

Glenda Joe – Extraordinary Texans – ’16

These people help make Texas spectacular

Written by Clayton Maxwell.

What does it take to be extraordinary? The Texans in these pages have each made their marks in vastly varied fields—from winemaking and writing to inventing a new way to watch movies—and they share characteristics essential to any true trailblazer: the bravery to try something different and the perseverance to carry their visions through. And for that, we salute this year’s Extraordinary Texans.

If you would like to see a hundred lions and dragons dancing amid the roar of one million Lucky Red Firecrackers, then get yourself to Lunar New Year Houston, one of the largest such festivals in the world and one of the few that still uses fireworks, which are now banned in most public celebrations. But thanks to Glenda Joe, the Chinese-Irish-Texan cross-cultural communicator who organizes this epic celebration, the firecrackers still explode in Houston.

In January or February each year, Glenda Joe directs TexAsia’s annual nonprofit event, Lunar New Year Houston, attracting 60,000-plus Houstonians of all backgrounds. TexAsia’s mission is to preserve and present authentic arts traditions for Houston. She also heads the Houston Language Bank, a nonprofit project that delivers vital public information to underserved immigrant and refugee communities. “We need to change the way we communicate,” says Joe. “We believe that the delivery of shared information builds shared values—and this is the cornerstone of American vitality and the foundation of community cohesion.”

Glenda Joe’s background in finding common ground amid cultural difference is long and varied. The Joe family patriarch, Jim Joe, settled in Houston in 1882 and started one of the first Chinese businesses in the city. Joe grew up working in her father’s store and observed at a young age how her African-American and Hispanic neighbors were treated differently. When she saw how miscommunication triggered violence, she wrote a “how-to” cultural-awareness resource titled The Asian Merchant’s Handbook, which was distributed nationwide. In 1967, she organized her first civil rights rally and coaxed her dad to speak at it. How can Texas’ different cultures get along and find common ground? “Listen,” she says. “Learn empathy. Walk a mile in their shoes.”

View this article online at Texas Highways

Photo Credit: Will van Overbeek. Texas Highways

24 May 2016 Comments Off on Super Lunar New Year – Year of the Fire Rooster 2017

Super Lunar New Year – Year of the Fire Rooster 2017

Prepare for a Year of Consequential Fowls!

The Rooster.  The Phoenix.  The Wild Goose Chases…

Our mercurial Monkey Year, chaotic & competitive, with its manifest mischief, leads us to this consequential Year of the Red Fire Rooster.

The Rooster Year says it’s time to “Wake Up & Get To It!”

Interestingly, this Fire Year is attended by the Phoenix – the eternal karmic Firebird.  Expect it to hover, come to rest and ignite new beginnings as the dynamics of this year’s challenges play out.

Think karmic justice.  Independence and Equality.

Success in Rooster Years requires sharp precision in predictable and competent execution, much like this boss-bird’s unfailing herald of every sunrise. This year teaches the enduring lessons of balanced order, careful scrutiny and thorough strategic planning.  The tried and true, well-tested common sense approach is fundamental to success in this year.

On the other hand, the Rooster Year presents as intensely proud and flamboyant, colorfully dramatic and endlessly entertaining.  Its cocky, prideful nature can devolve to domineering detachment from traditional norms. So, too, the Rooster is stubborn, refuses to back down and will be unreasonable if crossed. So, it is prudent this year to be wary of ego-driven eccentricities in purchases, business decisions & partnerships, policy making and in personal relationships.

In this Fire Year, the Rooster’s preening penchant for puffery leads to the kind of overconfidence that dissipates energy and progress forward. Authoritarian impulse will feed a cacophony of criticism.

This is where the Wild Goose Chases commence in this Fire Rooster Year.  Some will be out and out cockfights where blood and feathers fly; others merely petty flaps where the pecking order is bent.

Temper optimistic assumptions.  Cast a wary eye on simple solutions to complicated problems.  Refrain from speculation in money matters and business ventures.  Basic good money management is rewarded.

Practical plans work.  Impractical plans do not.

The communal Rooster smiles on new well-planned partnerships and joint ventures.  Where fortune was focused on the Individual in the Monkey Year, the Rooster rewards the Group’s endeavors with great good luck.

The Phoenix Firebird Year benefits those who have embraced deferred gratification.  It is marked with vibrant success for those who have persevered patiently, persistently playing the long game in enterprise and project development.

This Rooster Year balances precariously between order and disunity.

Ultimately, we will all benefit from rude awakenings.

After all, waking up always trumps the alternative… 

“It’s not really New Year without Lucky Red Firecrackers!”
Vican Tan Sun / 2007

Super Lunar New Year Houston 2017 truly highlights the international profile of our Global City. It’s one of the only public events worldwide that still celebrates this 2,000-year tradition with real Fireworks exploding amid daring Lions and Dragons! Super Lunar New Year 2017 is the event destination for Super Bowl Weekend visitors to the City to explore the International sights, sounds and tempting tastes of Southwest Houston!

From delectable dumpling houses to the best Vietnamese sandwich joints, from the architectural detail of temples and mosques, from the water parks and myriad Asian retail centers, Lunar New Year Houston will post “Plan Your Visit” to SW Houston for Super Bowl visitors. Watch this site!

31 January 2016 Comments Off on Lunar New Year Houston Awarded Top Festival 2016 !

Lunar New Year Houston Awarded Top Festival 2016 !

EverFestDubbed the largest Asian celebration in the state, this visually striking Lunar New Year Festival in Houston is a Texas-sized Asian New Year extravaganza showcasing the rich diversity of the region. This two-day signature event features the authentic New Year tradition with 100+ Lions & Dragons dancing amid ferocious fireworks, world-class martial arts, tempting egg rolls, sweet rice & BBQ, drum performances, KidZone inflatables, hands-on children’s activities, and grand displays of one million Lucky Red Firecrackers.

Learn more about the EverFest award !

18 August 2015 Comments Off on 2016 Year of the Red Fire Monkey

2016 Year of the Red Fire Monkey

This Fire Monkey Year focuses more powerful karmic Yang energy on success for the Individual with personal initiative, not for the Group. This Year favors fortune for quick minds with brave hearts. Ingenuity, inventiveness and intrinsic insight will reap unexpected rewards for incisive risk-taking. The ingenuity energy of this Year rewards those who dare to be different. Original thinkers, with smart, unconventional solutions are destined to succeed in this Red Fire Monkey Year!

The Red Fire Monkey Year is chaotic, dynamic, challenging and intensely competitive! Its exuberant high-speed pace accelerates progress & change in all life areas- business, technology, relationships, family & even in glacial government bureaucracies.

Advances in technology and communications across all human endeavors explode in unexpected success. Changes will come fast and furious, leaving many unsettled and uneasy; challenging others to compete as never before.

This is a time to re-evaluate old thinking, both in business and relationships. This is the prime opportunity to re-organize and re-evaluate our approach to stubborn problems and run with new ideas. Embrace the chaos. Trust your instincts.

Global economic growth and life-altering technologies are indicated for this year. Innovation and invention are rewarded. Individual initiative to re-conceptualize, working with existing resources, empowers ingenious problem solving this year.

For those who truly fear change, this will be a year to keep your head low and refrain from risk taking. This is not your year.

For all, beware the Trickster in the Red Fire Monkey. He is clever and an ever- wily con artist in deal making. The Yin of the Fire Monkey is his ability to seem so very guileless and charming, we never suspect deception. Be on guard. Take nothing for granted. Get all the facts before signing on the dotted line.

The Red Fire Monkey Year will easily overthrow old conventions that no longer work. It is a year of re-balancing of power, rewarding individual initiative for long-sought solutions that will make our world a better place.

8 December 2014 0 Comments

Year of the Green Wooden Goat – 2015

Heads up!
This will NOT be your typical Goat Year!

There is a confluence of cosmic forces coming that portend the Good Fortune of Positive Outcomes.

Traditionally, ‘Yu Wei’ or the 32nd year of the Green Wooden Goat (aka ‘Ram’ or ‘Sheep’) is symbolically represented as the ‘lazy-days of passing summer’ – a period of prosperity and well-being. Said of this year: “Its diligence applied to hard work ensures prosperity”.

But, the 2015 Goat Year will unfold to be much, much more than that…

For most, economic, social & political upheavals roiling these past years forced our arduous labor, struggling to cope with what seemed relentless conflict, without resolution. This Chaos will finally begin to show signs of long-awaited stabilization and positive resolution in this 2015 Goat Year. Watch for Innovation in Communication, Education, Political & Economic Stabilization.

We become better ‘Listeners’; better ‘Partners in Problem-Solving’.

The coming confluence of cosmic forces not only portend the good fortune of positive outcomes, but we’re told there have never been this many signs and favorable aspects confirming the coming of positive change. Astrologers, both Eastern & Western, predict the coming of, not simply a ‘gear-shifting’, but a full-blown change of direction. A newborn epoch is coming to replace the old, and the whole of humanity will see reason for hope that our world can change for the better.

So, watch as this Goat Year unfolds. Be ready to engage in one unforgettable year!

7 December 2014 0 Comments

Lunar New Year Houston 2015 Dedicated to the Vision & Leadership of Our Founder & Chairman

Daniel Hiroshi Watanabe
In Celebration – 1929-2014

Daniel Hiroshi Watanabe, age 85, died in Houston on December 28, 2014.

Born August 6th, 1929, in Los Angeles, CA, to Takeo and Tai Iwasaki Watanabe, he moved to Japan at the age of 6. While still in Japan, he joined the US Army and served as a Military Intelligence Translator in Occupied Japan and the Korean War.

He returned to the US and received a BS in Bacteriology at Penn State, a MS in Microbiology at UC Berkley, and a PhD in Virology at SUNY Upstate Medical University. In 1964, he married Akiko Ito. They lived in Berkley, Albany, Syracuse, Des Moines, Mt. Kisco, Hartsdale, and finally settled in Houston. Dr. Watanabe was a research scientist at Westchester Medical Center and Baylor College of Medicine. He took great joy in teaching Biology and Microbiology to the students of Houston Community College. He shared his knowledge of Japanese Language and Culture with countless enthusiasts. And, he worked as a translator of Japanese and English.

He dedicated his life to bridging cultures in the Asian American Community; especially between the two countries he held dearest, the United States and Japan. He served as past presidents of Japan-America Society of Houston and Japanese American Citizens League Houston Chapter.

Dr. Watanabe is survived by his wife Akiko, daughter Midori Hargrove, son Fujio and granddaughters Alison, Reina & Naomi Watanabe.

A Celebration of Life was held on January 24, 2015, at Asia Society Texas Center.

Download the Daniel Watanabe Celebration of Life, held at the Asia Society of Texas on January 24, 2015



Light of heart, progressive thinker and quiet visionary

Dr. Watanabe gently nudged the diverse energies around him to share his passion for peace and to embrace bridge -building across the cacophony of cultures of 1980 Houston.

Dan’s steady, patient cultivation of a new and innovative idea – our pan-Asian identity- sketched our path for Houston’s future as an International City.

We love him dearly.  He will always be with us.

Glenda Joe, Director
Lunar New Year Houston