Past Year’s Stories

Year of the Rabbit – 2011


Greetings, LNYH Fans! Bring the whole family to celebrate the New Year with 100 Lions & Dragons and a million Lucky Red Firecrackers! New Show for 2011! Terrific singers with The Rising Sun band will entertain with our favorite Vietnamese music for our Saturday, Feb. 12th, evening show from 7 pm - 10 pm at Viet Hoa Center. Party dancing and sing-alongs, delectable edibles and luscious libations will cap off a great day of celebration for the New Year! Making It Happen! Because Lunar New Year Houston is a FREE Event, our very best news is always about the generous [...]

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Great Race for the 12 Creatures of the Zodiac


How the Animals came to the Zodiac It is told that the Buddha, or in some stories, the Jade Emperor of Taoist divinity, sent forth Invitation to the Great Event.  It was the invitation to the ultimate competition for Animals that might be named to the Zodiac for All Time.  It would be the Great Race across all terrains and climax in the crossing of a Mighty River. Until then, Cat and Rat had been Friends. As Cat and Rat were the very worst swimmers, they devised a clever plan to ride the back of the strongest of the Animals [...]

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