Super Lunar New Year

Prepare for a Year of Consequential Fowls!

The Rooster.  The Phoenix.  The Wild Goose Chases…

Our mercurial Monkey Year, chaotic & competitive, with its manifest mischief, leads us to this consequential Year of the Red Fire Rooster.

The Rooster Year says it’s time to “Wake Up & Get To It!”

Interestingly, this Fire Year is attended by the Phoenix – the eternal karmic Firebird.  Expect it to hover, come to rest and ignite new beginnings as the dynamics of this year’s challenges play out.

Think karmic justice.  Independence and Equality.

Success in Rooster Years requires sharp precision in predictable and competent execution, much like this boss-bird’s unfailing herald of every sunrise. This year teaches the enduring lessons of balanced order, careful scrutiny and thorough strategic planning.  The tried and true, well-tested common sense approach is fundamental to success in this year.

On the other hand, the Rooster Year presents as intensely proud and flamboyant, colorfully dramatic and endlessly entertaining.  Its cocky, prideful nature can devolve to domineering detachment from traditional norms. So, too, the Rooster is stubborn, refuses to back down and will be unreasonable if crossed. So, it is prudent this year to be wary of ego-driven eccentricities in purchases, business decisions & partnerships, policy making and in personal relationships.

In this Fire Year, the Rooster’s preening penchant for puffery leads to the kind of overconfidence that dissipates energy and progress forward. Authoritarian impulse will feed a cacophony of criticism.

This is where the Wild Goose Chases commence in this Fire Rooster Year.  Some will be out and out cockfights where blood and feathers fly; others merely petty flaps where the pecking order is bent.

Temper optimistic assumptions.  Cast a wary eye on simple solutions to complicated problems.  Refrain from speculation in money matters and business ventures.  Basic good money management is rewarded.

Practical plans work.  Impractical plans do not.

The communal Rooster smiles on new well-planned partnerships and joint ventures.  Where fortune was focused on the Individual in the Monkey Year, the Rooster rewards the Group’s endeavors with great good luck.

The Phoenix Firebird Year benefits those who have embraced deferred gratification.  It is marked with vibrant success for those who have persevered patiently, persistently playing the long game in enterprise and project development.

This Rooster Year balances precariously between order and disunity.

Ultimately, we will all benefit from rude awakenings.

After all, waking up always trumps the alternative… 

“It’s not really New Year without Lucky Red Firecrackers!”
Vican Tan Sun / 2007

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